International Fashion Designer & Image Consultant Charlotte Van der Haer Richardson hold a workshop at TRAFFIC [STUDIO] FASHION WEEKEND. She spoke about her fashion degree, internship with Alexander McQueen and how to start career in a fashion business. Charlotte Van der Haer is an International Fashion Design/Stylist and Image Consultant and founder & owner of Van der Haer, Design, Image and Style Studio. Last weekend she was holding a workshop as a part of TRAFFIC [STUDIO] FASHION WEEKEND program.  With over 10 years’ training and experience in the fashion industry

Alicia, Entrepreneur in Dubai  Alicia, entrepreneur in Dubai What saves you from Dubai hot weather? Oh i love the heat…. I am kidding, don’t believe me… I can’t live a second without air conditioning, or the other option will be trips out of the country. How many days can you live without social media? If it not available it is not a big deal (e.g. when traveling), but if I have easy access to it, i am addicted. Do you use Instagram? I don’t use iphone, but if I had

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