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The abaya has been around in the Middle East for centuries. Though the garment in its most traditional form is usually a black maxi robe, many designers have in recent years been updating the abaya, mixing traditional embroidery, patterns and prints with modern fashion trends.

California native Safiya, creates beautiful yet timeless high quality designs unique to each and every woman. The term Dulce came about because Safiya wanted to incorporate her maternal heritage into the brand and found the term “Dulce” to be fitting since it means Candy, and she has a huge sweet tooth!

Dulce started with the passion Safiya always had for good quality clothing that was elegant and modest without compromising on style. She started making kimonos and flourished into dresses, her signature bell sleeved blazer kimono’s ,¬†pant suits and more.


abaya in dubai

abaya in dubai

abaya in dubai

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