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Maria always stands out of the crowd with two things: her hair colour and what she wears. Her outfits are always different but never boring. I believe her job as visual merchandiser at H&M influenced her style a lot, at the end of the day she constantly deals with new collections and new trends.

I photographed Maria wearing full look from H&M and asked all things about fashion too…

How did you get your foot in the fashion industry door?

I started my career in fashion when I still was at the university. I studied fashion design back in Romania and worked for a lingerie brand. After some time I switched to the fashion retail and …here I am. My passion became my full-time job.

dubai influencer

What’s an average day of a visual merchandiser?

An average day is very busy. I start my working day usually at 7am. First of all, I set up plans for my team, do plenty of follow-ups, emails and feedbacks. A lot of coffee makes it easier for me. I must admit, I never never been bored at work during the past 8 years of visual merchandising.

What’s the most interesting about your job?

The creative part. Plus I work in a big team, which is a great experience. The teamwork keeps me engaged and active. Multi-tasking is my middle name : )



What’s your favourite H&M collaboration?

My favourite is HMxMarni. It was a really interesting collection for me with a lot of printed pieces and statement accessories.

How did your job affect your personal style?

My job played a big role in my style. I have to stay on top of all new trends and can adopt them easily in my own wardrobe. Besides the latest fashion I am passionate about unusual funky or unique pieces.


dubai influencer

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